Bible Reading Plan (Day 24)


DAY TWENTY-FOUR —      Genesis 25, Matthew 24

Gen 25

Abraham separates Issac from his other children.

We jump back in time in the story a bit as the focus shifts from Abraham to Issac.

This sibling rivalry reminds one of Cain and Abel.

A birthright is everything. This was like being Bill Gates’ sole heir and trading it for some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.


Mt 24

When Jesus’ work is complete there will be no further need of the temple.

Things will go from bad to worse. All the while, God’s people are to proclaim the gospel to the last person.

When things get bad and it comes time to run, just go. Do not stop for material things. But be wary of those who attempt to lure with promises of a false Messaiah.

Then, when all is at its darkest. He returns.

There will be signs of His coming but obvious only to those who are His.


Questions to Ponder:

* (Out of town… no questions!)

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