Bible Reading Plan (Day 22)


DAY TWENTY-TWO — Genesis 23, Matthew 22

Gen 23

Abraham lays his wife to rest. We see that he is not a resident and never really resides anywhere. Even the tomb of his beloved wife is from a foreigner.


Mt 22

God called the people of Israel and they spurned him. God called the Gentiles then. But there must be a covering.

“Jesus, unlike us, you don’t care what people think…”

Jesus knows that our civil duties are okay. In fact, in doing so glorifies God.

Being wrong is a matter of not knowing God’s Word and God’s power. Understand those two things, and one will know all one needs to know.

When it comes to God’s Law, #1, love HIM completely.

The Pharissees do not see how Jesus can be God’s Son and David’s son.


Questions to Ponder:

* What should a Christian do if the tax money being given goes to decidedly anti-Christian things?


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