Bible Reading Plan (Day 21)


DAY TWENTY-ONE — Genesis 22, Matthew 21

Gen 22

We’ve seen hints, foreshadowings, and clues of Christ, but what we have here is one of the best and brightest.

There is no other higher thing upon which God can swear than himself.

Blessing comes through faith and obedience.

Abraham’s family grows. And his nephews will be important.


Mt 21

Hailed as a King, he comes. But not with the pomp and circumstance of an A-List Celebrity on Oscar night, but on the back of a donkey. Yet these crowds see a king in power. Not the last stand of a condemned man.

There is no room in God’s house for the fleecing of the flock.
Jesus is not the one for false modesty, not is he one for the vainglory habits of men. He allows for the praise of those who love him, but at this point he does not demand it.

Those who have no faith and bear no fruit are worthless. No matter how “big” a person they are.

Those who care only for the pleasing eye of man shall never know the indescribable joys of Kingdom knowledge.

Those who speak faith, but do not live a life of faith, obviously have no faith. Those who, at one time, deny faith, yet turn from that and live faith are those who do indeed have faith. Yet never mistake the fruit (a life of faith) for the root (regeneration by the Lord unto repentance and faith).

The Pharisees, though they knew they were being talked about, could not discern who they were speaking to.


Questions to Ponder:

* Does God provide a lamb? Why?

* Why doesn’t Jesus demand that the people worship him as the kids are doing?


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