Bible Reading Plan (Day 18)


DAY EIGHTEEN — Genesis 19, Matthew 18

Gen 19

Lot,  like Abraham, shows his righteousness by his hospitality and generosity.

The men want to “know” them in the… er… biblical sense. They don’t wanna shake hands and talk football.

Lot shockingly offers his daughters to be gang raped. It may have been a bluff, but either way. That’s just wrong. (Remember, the Bible is sometimes DESCRIPTIVE not PRESCRIPTIVE.)

I find, as I read this passage, Lot to be such a low kind of person. He tries to use his daughters as bait for the rabid rapists and then brushes off the order to leave town having to be dragged out and set out side of the city. The Lord was indeed merciful to him.

Lot’s wife disobeyed the command, and suffered the punishment for it.

Let me point you to two chapters from J. C. Ryle’s book, HOLINESS which deal with Lot and his wife:
Lot–A Beacon
A Woman to be Rememeberd

Abraham asked for ten. God brought out only four. Three of those remained.

The milquetoast Lot wanted to live in Zoar as he was afraid of living in the hills. He gets to Zoar and is afraid to live there so he moves to the hills. He cowers in a cave.

This man, of whom we will hear nothing else, falls into drunkenness and incest. this man is a warning beacon to us all.


Mt 18

The concept of “greatest” must be redefined.

Children are a precious thing. Their innocence makes them prone to listen to whatever voice is in authority over them. Therefore, making them stumble or sin is a grave thing to do.

The personal application for 7-9 is tough to swallow. This means that we should not, under any circumstance, to anything that causes a brother or sister to sin.

We see the doctrine of church discipline defined in 15-19. This is little practiced today.

Peter asks what the limit is on forgiveness. Jesus shows us there isn’t one.


Questions to Ponder:

* Lot witnessed great and mighty things done by the hand of the Lord. Explain what Lot’s main shortcoming was.

* To which childlike characteristics is Jesus referring?

* Are there people in your life who continually run you over? Are you willing to continue to forgive? If not, should God continue to forgive you?


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