Bible Reading Plan (Day 17)


DAY SEVENTEEN — Gen 18, Mt 17

Gen 18

Ladies and Gentlemen… a Theophany!

Apparently Abraham didn’t know the kosher law about eating meat and dairy together. Regardless, Abraham shows extreme hospitality.

To both Abraham and Sarah the idea of childbearing at such advanced age inconceivable. The Lord rebukes them in a shockingly mild way!

God chose Abraham, not the other way around.

Abraham could have very well been in contact with Noah. He could have heard from Noah’s own mouth about the flood. I think, honestly, that this hints of a fresh knowledge of the flood.

It also shows God’s justice interacting with his mercy.


Mt 17

Jesus gives the three a special preview of his glorified state.

Those charismaniac preachers who claim encounters with God always talk about how cool it is or how chummy he is or some other kind of shtick. Yet in every other situation of encounters with God, you see people face-down.

The Elijah is John the Baptist.

Not all epilepsy is a product of demonic possession, but in this case it is.

This time, after a reveal of what’s to come, Peter was obviously distressed with the rest, but holds his peace.

Jesus ensures that the tax is paid. And it is paid via divine act.


Questions to Ponder:

* Who are the other two with the Lord. Explain and defend!

* Compare and contrast Luke 1:5-25 with Gen 18:9-15. Why the different responses in God’s behalf? Explain and defend!

* Research the different encounters with God (Isaiah, Abraham, Moses, etc.) How are they the same? Different?


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