Bible Reading Plan (Day 16)


DAY SIXTEEN — Genesis 17, Matthew 16

Gen 17

Abram falls on his face because of the presence of God AND the fact that it is impossible for him to “walk before [God], and be blameless.” It is only by God’s grace through Abrams faith that he can be counted righteous.

Abram becomes Abraham. He has a new name based on his new status before God.

God establishes and covenant sign of circumcision to show that the covenant is passed in the flesh.

Ishmael is not part of God’s redemptive plan, but as a child of Abraham he will be blessed. God chooses with whom to have a covenant. Not man.


Mt 16

What more of a sign do they need? Twice Jesus fed multitudes! Many sick healed! Lepers cleanses! Blind now see! Deaf now hear! Dead are raised!

Jesus gave them signs and they attributed them to Satan. They would not listen.

Bad teaching spreads.

Who Jesus is cannot be discerned from popular opinion. Who Jesus is can only become comprehensible through divine revelation.

Peter is not the rock. His confession is. Sorry Joey Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI.

Some rock. From strong confession to strong rebuke.

Peter perhaps thinks that Jesus will rise to earthly power with a hostile take over. That isn’t so.

Again, the health/wealth/prosperity gospel falls apart when it encounters 24-28.


Questions to Ponder:

* What words or phrases are repeated very often in Gen 17? Explain why they would be.

* Why would Jesus want his being the Christ to remain secret?

* How valid is the phrase, “If you are too heavenly minded you can be no earthly good.”?

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