Bible Reading Plan (Day 14)


DAY FOURTEEN — Genesis 15, Matthew 14

Gen 15

Here we see the formal establishing of the Abrahamic covenant.

Abram heard the promise again and again. No doubt it resounded in his brain like a gong. At last he looks at God and asks HOW? God responds with a TRUST ME!

Belief is counted as righteousness.

God establishes his covenant with Abram includes predictive prophecy.

In the beauty of the covenant, God shows that should he break his promise, he would be killed and cut in two. Something tells me, not only would such a death and dismemberment be possible, but the possibility of God breaking a promise is infinitely unfathomable.


Mt 14

The great John the Baptist went from being a preacher to a prisoner. His death marked the end of the Old Testament prophets. Truly, the old covenant was passing away, the new was just beginning.

In pain Himself, Jesus turns His attention to those whose hurt was eternal.

Jesus is the one who feeds. As God provided manna, so Jesus provides food. Yet the real food he provides is even better than manna.

Before Jesus had shown his power over nature. Now he cements it. He shows Peter the God-power he has within himself and that when self-doubt creeps… okay. I’m sorry. I can’t do that with a straight face. HAHAHA! In all seriousness, it is the God-man and the alien righteousness which He imputes. It is the faith in Jesus Christ which keeps us going.

Jesus continues his healing.


Questions to Ponder:

Many people, especially those who suppress truth in unrighteousness, like to call God a genocidal maniac. “God ordered the death of innocent people! Read it in the Old Testament!” Well… the part of the answer to that is in this chapter.

What is Jesus’ habit for prayer?


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