Bible Reading Plan (Day 11)


DAY ELEVEN — Genesis 11, Matthew 11

Gen 11

Mankind rebels against God by attempting to remain in one place and making themselves famous.

All this talk about keeping languages separate makes me wonder about my job as an interpreter. Ha!

God created and is in control of the languages we use. Therefore, He must have the right to tell us what to do with the language we are given.

Again we have an aged genealogy. I still believe these are for the purpose of letting us count backward to creation and see the age of the Earth.

We see the age at death getting lower and lower.


Mt 11

Jesus shows his miracles are proof of His being the Messiah.

When the kingdom of God appears, or where one of God’s ambassadors comes, violence is sure to follow.

People rejected Jesus and John the Baptist because they did not fit their pre-conceived notions.

With the witness of great miracles, with the hearing of great gospel preaching, comes responsibility to respond. Those who do not increase their own damnation.

Salvation is all of God’s will and therein becomes all of grace.

The Father does not grant understanding to the proud, but to the humble who realize they have much to learn.

I like verse 27. A lot.

The burden we are under as a Christian is not wearisome


Questions to Ponder:

* We have gone throughout the first 11 Chapters of Genesis. What major doctrines do you see and where?

* Pull out that time line you worked on earlier. Add to it with these names and ages. Could Abraham have sat on Noah’s lap?

* What are your pre-conceived notions of Christ? Are they correct?

* Explain the Christian’s burden.


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