Bible Reading Plan (Day 10)


DAY TEN — Genesis 10, Matthew 10

Gen 10

I must confess… my immaturity has me find little here. May God give me the wisdom and maturity to understand this passage and its place in redemptive history.

From Ham, come Israel’s greatest enemies. Egypt, Cannanites, Babel, Nineveh, Philistines…


Mt 10

12 Apostles, 12 Tribes. Coincidence?

First to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Miracles are not for sale. YOU HEAR THAT PROSPERITY PIMPS?

To refuse the word of the Lord is to invite condemnation upon oneself.

Really, does Benny Hinn read his Bible? I know Osteen doesn’t. Persecution, trials, and troubles are what make Christians shine as any precious metal does after refining by fire.

Fear of man is cheap. I say this also to my shame, not that I have denied Christ, but I find myself more prone to maintain popularity than holiness.

Conflict with others is part an parcel of true Christianity. HEAR THAT WARREN!? We can build bridges all we want, but the fire of heaven will not let them stand.

In Network Marketing (aka Multi-Level Marketing, aka Pyramid Schemes) there is a concept of a down-line. Christian life has that, but better. While I do not know fully of how the heavenly rewards will work, but I am certain the prophet, and the one who helped the prophet will both receive the rewards from the down-line. (If that makes sense).


Questions to Ponder:

* How should a Christian view persecution?

* Which is more blessed, a life free of persecution or a life marked by it? Why?


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