Bible Reading Plan (Day 9)


DAY NINE — Genesis 9, Matthew 9

Gen 9

This is a covenant. A covenant made with the same men who’s heart is evil from youth. Yet the blessing is interesting because it begins by making man fearful to other creatures and omnivorous. Man is further placed above animals in that his life is by design and decree more valuable. God signs the covenant with the Rainbow.

Noah’s drunkeness shows nothing has changed of man’s nature, the conduct of Ham proves it.

Just as there was one bad apple out of Adam’s 3 sons, there is the same with Noah.


Mt 9

The back-story of the paralytic and his friends intrigues me.

Fear of God causes one to glorify God.

The call of Matthew is used out of context to justify unbiblical witnessing. Yes, Jesus ate with “tax-collectors and sinners” but he did something more.

Jesus continues his healing miracles. He shows power over storms, over sin, over death, over demons.

The Pharisees make a fatal error of attributing the work of God to the Devil.


Questions to Ponder:

* Compare and contrast the pre and post flood worlds.

* What did Jesus do while dining with “tax collectors and sinners?” How do we know this?

* What do the “ruler,” the woman with the issue of blood, and the two blind men hold in common?

* Take this moment to pray for missionaries who serve faithfully. Pray also that God would raise up more at home and abroad, softening hearts to hear and receive the Gospel


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