Bible Reading Plan (Day 8)


DAY EIGHT — Genesis 8, Matthew 8

Gen 8

All things totaled, Noah spent a year on the ark.

We find the answer as to why Noah was to bring 7 pairs of the clean animals.

Sacrifice is necessary to atone for sin.

The total depravity of man remains, but the Lord’s wrath is abated.


Mt 8

Immediately after his speaking, he becomes even more popular.

Jesus does what no one else could, he healed the leper with touch. But does not become unclean.

A Roman soldier comes in faith. Jesus explains that lineage means nothing and salvation is by faith.

Jesus’ miracles are for proof of Messiahship and deity.

Only God has control over nature.

I think this last part is the most terrifying, “They begged Him to leave their region.” Uh… wow. I can’t imagine asking Jesus to leave. What would happen if he never returned?


Questions to Ponder:

* There is a new start, a new beginning after the flood. What does the prompt making of a sacrifice tell us?

* What do verses 18-22 in Matthew 8 tell us about living our best lives now?

* What works have God done in your life that left you devastated?


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