Bible Reading Plan (Day 7)


DAY SEVEN — Genesis 7, Matthew 7

Gen 7

I have often found this story to be far from the cute Sunday School version of big eyed animals and a smiling bearded Noah. The giraffe’s neck sticking cutely out of the top of the ark as if it is the Zoo Pleasure Cruise. This is the Earth splitting open, the oceans swelling, the skies breaking open (The “waters that were above the expanse” from Gen 1 perhaps? )and pouring FOR FORTY DAYS!  Those who were not killed instantly in the coastal tsunamis faced a more gruesome death. They would be fleeing to higher ground as the water’s rose and the rain continued to pour. Eventually, those fit enough to scale even the tallest mountain would not be able to out run the water. So they would begin to swim. And swim. And swim. One can only swim so long devoid of food. Fatigue and hunger would have set in, arms and legs would grow weary. Waves would over take… I can imagine someone’s last sight was a large wooden boat floating away. The waters continued to rise to over 22 feet above the highest mountain. Every man, woman, and child suffered the due penalty for the perversion of humanity. All, save eight.


Mt 7

This is part three of the Sermon on the Mount and it comes to a smash conclusion. After warning of hypocrites Jesus then tells us not to judge without discernment, and subtly gets us to look long and hard at ourselves.

The last two verses of this chapter say volumes. The miracle seekers have their jaws dropped from hearing not Moses, but God Himself. No preist or prophet could ever teach or speak with the same authority as the second Person of the Trinity. Their authority is borrowed from another, His authority is intrinsic and above all.


Questions to Ponder:

* What is the significance of THE LORD closing the door to the ark?

* Why would Noah be required to take 7 pairs of every clean animal?

* One last time for the repeats…

* Which part of Mt 7 gives you the most trouble? Why? (By that I mean which verse or verses do you kind of wish weren’t there?)

* Which part of Mt 7 is the most affirming? Why? (By that I mean which verse or verses do you want to have burned into your memory?)


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