Bible Reading Plan (Day 6)


DAY SIX — Genesis 6, Matthew 6

Gen 6

Things have changed dramatically over the past 3 chapters. The beautiful peaceful setting has degraded to a place of sexual perversion and pure evil. So bad that the Lord must wipe out everything off the face of the earth.

Noah, like Enoch, “walked with God.”

God is not a “capriciously malevolent bully” He made it, He can do what He wants with it. Besides, He would have been perfectly just and well within His rights to have scraped all creation and start over once Adam and Eve fell. But God is merciful as His rescuing of a select few of humanity and the animals shows.

The ark was HUGE! According to the study notes which kindly did the math for me: 450′ long, 75′ wide, 45′ high, 1.4 million cubic foot capacity, and 95,700 square feet of deck space.

Odds are the taxonomy of the times was different.

This is the first explicit covenant.


Mt 6

We continue the Sermon on the Mount. The bar is raised still higher.

The tone has changed slightly, Jesus starts dropping the “h” bomb. Hypocrite. In this chapter true and false belief are contrasted. Meaning: a true believer will pray right, a false believer will ramble and repeat; a true believer will not make a show of fasting, a false believer will play the look at me game; a true believer will hold material things with the right esteem, a false believer will place more value on money than soul; a true believer will trust in God to provide for needs, a false believer will run around frantic trying to handle business.


Questions to Ponder:

* There is debate as to the Flood covering the entire globe, or just a region. Explain what you believe (based on Scripture) and be ready to defend it!

* Noah is called righteous and blameless. How could this be?

* Same questions as yesterday for Matthew…

* Which part of Mt 6 gives you the most trouble? Why? (By that I mean which verse or verses do you kind of wish weren’t there?)

* Which part of Mt 6 is the most affirming? Why? (By that I mean which verse or verses do you want to have burned into your memory?)


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