Bible Reading Plan (Day 4)


DAY FOUR — Genesis 4, Matthew 4

Gen 4

The conflict before us, a Saviour foreshadowed, we move into a world more familiar.

I looked up the names Cain and Abel which mean “possession, possessed” and “vanity, breath, vapor/a city, mourning” respectively. Source: Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary ( ).

Evidently, offerings/sacrifices existed just out of the Garden.

The first death was not natural. It was murder. I can only speculate as to motive, but I would assume jealousy.

Like his parents, Cain has only superficial remorse for his sin. He grieves over the consequence, not the act.

“From your face I shall be hidden.” Compare with Numbers 6:22-27.

Those who sin are driven from the Lord’s presence. Adam and Eve from Eden, Cain to Nod.

Cain fears for his own life, and rightly so. Yet he fears man, not God. Still, God actually ensures his life will be spared.

We see Cain’s descendants. Name after name. Then Lamech who takes two wives. Something not according to God’s will. We see that regardless of that sin, the three sons are apparently great men. Then those accomplishments get overshadowed by Lamech who is just as bad as Cain if not worse. Lamech seems to brag about his crime and demand that he be even MORE protected. The line of Cain is clearly marked by depravity.

Cain was exiled, Abel murdered, then came Seth. One could say this began a new line for Adam. It seems from the latter half of verse 26, there is now hope.


Mt 4

We saw Adam fail, and now his first born fail. Now we see God’s Son take His stand against temptation.

I find one of the biggest understatements in Scripture in verse 2. *smile*

The tempter makes a pass at both the spiritual and physical. Jesus counters with God’s Word.

Second time around the tempter hits at the spiritual and twists God’s Word. Jesus counters with a right understanding of Scripture.

Third temptation Jesus is given a chance to side-step the suffering that awaits and go directly to glory by placing himself at the devil’s bidding. Jesus again counters with Scripture.

When facing temptation, false teaching, and short cuts to glory, our best weapon is God’s Word. If it was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for us.

Jesus preaches the same message repentance as John the Baptist. He does not command “Accept!” or “Decide!” or “Work!” or even “Dunk!” God commands REPENTANCE! This is even before He starts going to tax collectors and prostitutes. Sorry to you who say that you just want to live like Jesus as a witness. You gotta be calling for repentance too. Otherwise, you are not living like Jesus.

There is something about the call of Jesus that is simply irresistible. (Wink).

The people come not for teaching, but for miracles. Jesus did not use His miracles as a draw for the crowds but as the fulfillment of the Messianic promise.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why was Abel’s offering accepted and Cain’s not?

* Who was Cain’s wife?

* Would it have been possible for Jesus to sin?

* If we are to emulate the life of Jesus as a pattern for witness, what should we take away from verse 23?


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