Happy Incarnation Day!!


Here’s a little thought… What is Christmas?

The world has attached a meaning of Santa Claus and bows and trees and shopping and baking and gifts and egg nog and parties and and and and to Christmas. The real meaning is all but lost as we trade salutations of “Seasons Greetings!” (Hi, it’s Winter!?) and “Happy Holidays!” So… as part of an on-going effort to be transformed, not conformed I offer this…


While people are screaming to leave Christ in Christmas, let me add my voice to the fray to say, “He’s already gone! He left of His own free-will!” That’s right, I dare say that Christ is no longer in Christmas. Christmas is no longer a Christian holiday. It has been taken by the world system and has been beaten and abused almost beyond recognition. Materialism and the stress to find THE PERFECT GIFT is more consuming to the mind and soul than holiness and the stress to understand what the Incarnation means. After all, isn’t the Incarnation the “true meaning of Christmas?” God (glorious, beyond infinite, holy holy holy, etc.) becoming human (frail, limited, animated dust, etc) is a miracle that could trump even Creation! And that He came as a SAVIOUR!?

Several Christians have changed “Easter” to “Resurrection Day” due to pagan connotations with “Easter.” So, in all seriousness, let us claim our holy day! Let us cheer that Jesus Christ was born: fully God, fully man. Immanuel! HAPPY INCARNATION DAY!


One Response to “Happy Incarnation Day!!”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Thank you bro for this post!

    It helps :P… I was sent a message from a friend that sent her a message from another friend telling her to not celebrate Christmas at all because some Christians bow down to the tree and gifts and who knows what. The person also pointed out many things that the Bible “says” but the person didn’t have any verses to back it up! Finally i decided to explain that Christmas isn’t bowing down to a tree or make materialism our idol but that Christ was born. I wrote about what Isaiah 9:6-7 was about too. Jesus Christ, God’s begotten Son came to atone us from our sins! He is our Propitiator satisfying God’s Wrath, the Judgement that we should go through because of our sins breaking His holy and perfect standard. He was wounded by our transgressions and Died. He rose on the third day and He now is alive sitting at the right hand of the Father!!!! Now we’re justified through Him by grace through faith, but we’re still not perfect!

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