Bible Study Notes (11-16-08) Addendum


I answered that first question semi-publicly in Bible Study, but have since given it more thought and am now responding VERY publicly.

I do not deserve the friends God has blessed me with. I don’t. (Frankly, I don’t deserve air to breathe, but that’s another blog entirely.) I say that because of how I have treated my friends. Very often I can be short-tempered with those who love and care for me most. I pray that as I grow spiritually those moments are fewer and farther between as is fitting with repentance.

Too often I have failed to pray for my friends when ask for or promised. I forget or put it off perpetually or just say I shall without any meaning to follow through. Such a thing I feel is a vile sin against God and those whom I profess to love. If a man shall lie so casually about something as sacred as prayer…. I dread to finish my own thought.

(Side note, is it wrong for the leader to be convicted by his own study? Haha.)

Further, I have too often neglected (once is too much!) my studies which are for God’s glory and the benefit of those whom I love. I put off studying and research until the last minute, not allowing for proper, prayerful preparation. All alliteration aside…

Also, I have been slack on needed encouragements and rebukes. Those times I’ve seen growth, good fruit, or just shining examples of holiness in the lives of my friends I feel as though I haven’t been as encouraging as I could be. On an equally sad note, I have been weak in rebuking friends in love if they do what they know they ought not to do.

Lastly, I repent and confess that I do not think I have thanked my friends enough for what they do. Though I try, I feel I fall short of showing gratitude for the great friends they are.

If you are a friend of mine reading this I hope you can accept my apology and hold me to it. I love you greatly and with God’s grace I shall grow in holiness in this area.


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One Response to “Bible Study Notes (11-16-08) Addendum”

  1. Lilly Says:

    I love you, brother! I hope you can forgive me as well, since I’m sure I’ve failed you as a friend many times.

    On another note, it is not wrong, but necessary, for the leader to be convicted by his study! Otherwise, how can he deliver it without hypocrisy? 🙂

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