Bible Study Notes (10-12&19-08)


ELECTION: AN ACT OF God before creation in which he chooses some people to be saved, not on account of any foreseen merit in them, but only because of his sovereign good pleasure.

-Acts 13:48

-Romans 8:28-30

-Romans 9:11013

-Eph 1:4-6

-1 Thess 1:4-5

-2 Thess 2:13

-2 Tim 1:9

-1 Peter 1:1


-Ez 31:11 (God is mean)

-Romans 9:20 (never had a chance)

-Jn  8:43-44; Mt  23:37,  Jn 5:40,  Rom 1:20 (man’s responsibility)

-2 Peter 2:4, Ro 9:18-24 (not fair!)


GOSPEL CALL: The general Gospel invitation to all people that comes through human proclamation of the gospel. Also referred to as “external calling.”


REGERNERATION: A secret act of God in which he imparts new spiritual life to us.

-Jn 3:3-8 (born of water see Ez 36:25-26)

-Jn 1:13

-James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:3

-Ez 36:26-27

-1 Peter 1:23-25

-2 Cor 5:17

-Eph 2:4-5

-Col 2:13

-1 Jn 5:1

-1 Jn 3:9


CONVERSION (FAITH AND REPENTANCE): Our willing response to the gospel call, in which we sincerely repent of sins and place our trust in Christ for salvation.

-Jn 3:16

-SAVING FAITH: trust in Jesus Christ as a living peron for forgiveness of sins and for eternal life with God.

-REPENTANCE: a heartfelt sorrow for sin, a renouncing of it, and a sincere commitment to forsake it and walk in obedience to Christ.

-Is 55:6-7


JUSTIFICATION: An instantaneous legal act of God in which he (1) thinks of our sins as forgiven and Christ’s righteousness as belong to us, and (2) declares us to be righteous in His sight.

-Romans 4:5

-Ro 8:33-34



ADOPTION: an act of God whereby he makes us members of his family.

-Jn 1:12

-Jn 8:42-44

-Ro 8:14-17

-Gal 3:23-26

Gal 4:4-7

-1 Jn 3:1-2


SANCTIFICATION: a progressive work of God an man that makes us more and more free from sin and like Christ in our actual lives.

-Justification is an instant “external” thing. Sanctification is a process, internal thing.

-1 Jn 3:9


PERSERVERANCE:  All those who are truly born again will be kept by God’s power and will persevere as Christians until the end of their lives, and that only those who persevere until the end have been truly born again.

-John 6:38-40

-John 10:27-29

-John 3:36

-Romans 8:1

-Romans 8:30

-Phil 1:6

-1 Peter 5:10

-Col 1:22-23

-John 8:31-32

-Mt 7:21-23

-John 15:1-7

-Heb 6:4-8

1) Do I have a present trust in Christ for Salvation?

2) Is there evidence of a regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in my heart?

3) Do I see a long term pattern of growth in my Christian life?


DEATH: (See Other Notes)


GLORIFICATION: The final step in the application of redemption. It will happen when Christ returns and raises from the dead the bodies of all believers for all time who have died, and reunites them with their souls, and changes the bodies of all believers who remain alive, thereby giving all believers at the same time perfect resurrection bodies like his own.

-1 Cor 15:12-58 (esp vv 22-23, 51-52)

-Phil 3:20-21

-Job 19:25-26

-Daniel 12:2


 (HT: Wayne Grudem SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY…. See sidebar to purchase!)


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