Bible Study Notes (8-10-08)


Matthew 24:1-31

This is a heavy chapter and requires some heavy lifting. The bulk of this is predictive prophecy. That’s NOT my specialty. So I stongly encourage you (more so than normal) to go home and double check what I say. I hope and pray that I have done justice to the text. So… since lifing heavy objects is not something I do often and when I do I hurt myself (benchpress comes to mind), I’m going to take this in as small sections as possible. So bare with me if this chapter takes longer than this week. I feel it would be disrespectful to the Word of God and therefore sinfull to go too quickly. If you agree, lets roll up or sleves and dig in.

+Jesus left the temple. He would NEVER set foot in that building again. Xref 23:38

+We are spoiled by grand architecture and opulent construction. Look, we can see a castle, pyramid, and Eifle Tower in a few blocks. We have a tower that could rival the one of Babel! Now then, go back a few thousand years. The house you live in would be palacial to the common family. The bed you sleep in a luxury. Your bathroom: an unfathomable joy! But this temple. This temple was everything. This temple was something to be looked at and admired. See Mk 13:1. The disciples, along with many of the people were in awe of the building. Imagine a building made of stones, some being 37ft x 12ft x 18ft!

+The prophecy which Jesus makes was fulfilled in AD 70 when the temple was destroyed.

+With such a revelation I imagine great silence. That’s reinforced by no mention of any more conversation during the mile or so walk to the Mount of Olives. Then they ask the question they could contain no longer, “When!? How will we know!?” and Jesus tells them of what is to come. Both near (temple destruction) and far (final destruction).

-+- It is important to note there are three main things that happen: false Christs/prophets, natrual and political calamities (including persecutions), and apostasy (falling away/backsliding). Further there are some who see a few of these prophecies (especially the ones earlier on) as already fulfilled. Again, I’m going to do my best to be as neutral as possible so please search the scriptures yourself. Differing views on this topic does not make anyone a heretic, as long as the following is agreed on (as it is in all major, accepted views on this topic) there will be a visible physical coming of Christ who will judge all people and there will be signs to acompany his coming. In all ages from the Apostles to now, we know He is coming SOON.
Jesus answers the 2nd question 1st and the 1st question second.

This isn’t yet the end. This is the beginning of the end. Let’s break it down a bit as to what goes on. I am not sure if this is chronological or in order of importance, but I lean towards order of importance with many of these things happening in overlapping levels. So what do we see going on? There are six things that are clearly mentioned.
1st mentioned? (False christs/prophets)
2nd? (Wars)
3rd? (Natural Disasters)
4th? (Persecution)
5th? (Apostasy)
6th? (Evangelism!)
Perhaps you could say, “Wait a minute, false christs? That’s that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda fellow in South America! Wars? Iraq! Rumors of wars? Iran! There’s a famine now! There was an earthquake in CA recently! Christians are being persecuted more now than ever before! People are falling away from the Truth and believing lies. Todd Bentley! There’s a false prophet!” Then run out into the streets screaming that the end is neigh!! My brothers and sisters. Do not with the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other. Study your word so you can properly discern the times. (That lesson explained later in the chapter).

V 14: Would this mean that the end will not come unless every person has heard the gospel?
INTERMISSION: A Bigger Picture and a Heart Check
2 Tim 3:1-9 (1-5 of lay, 6-9 of leaders)
Heb 3:12-15 (heart condition of)
Jn 6:66 (fall away due to tough teaching)
1 Jn 2:19 (never Christian)
Heb 10:39 (PoS)

+False Teachers
2 Tim 4:3-5 (false teachers)
Jude 12-19 (false teachers)
2 Pt 2:1-3, 9-15, 17-22 (false teachers)

+Other End Times Passages
1 Thess 4:13-5:11 (Paul’s end times)
2 Peter 3 (Peter’s Little Apocolypse)

Now is when it gets bad. It was bad before but it is now the worst of any and all possible scenarios. There are two main events here:

1) Abomination that Causes Desolation
+ Dan 9:27, Dan 11:31, Dan 12:11
– Antiochus Epiphanies pagan altar in temple c. 168 BC
– Temple destruction AD 70.
– Antichrist AD ????

2) Christian Diasporia(?)
– Roman seige AD 70 (as Josephus used same lingo to describe)
– Great Trib

V 22: “For the sake of the elect…” this shows that CHRISTIANS will be there and shall suffer during this time.

At the apex of these events Christians will be ready for Christ’s return more than ever. Satan knows it, and he knows his time is short. So he shall throw everything into keeping as many people from the truth as possible.

V 26 Can the elect be decieved? What does this say about people who follow false prophets?

V 28: The Lords coming will be obvious! It will be as obvious as lightning in a storm. It will be as obvious as vultures about a carcas. Yes, when a church is dead the false christs and fasle prophets will gather and feed. As a coprse does not fight off vultures, so to will the necrotic church not fight off false christs and false prophets. Rather, by the stench of death and decay the coprse welcomes and invites the vultrures to come and feast! In such a way the stench of unsound doctrine and the decay of false converts invites the damned souls of those wicked and vile people in to teach, to worship, and ultimately to destroy.

Xref: Zech 9:14-17
The end! The glorious end! Here he comes! As promised! What joy! The Lamb who was slain has at last received His reward!

So why does v 30 say there is mourning?

Mourn: kopto
 1)  to cut, strike, smite
 2)  to cut from, cut off
 3)  to beat one’s breast for grief

 Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 8
 AV  — bewail  2,  lament  2,  cut down  2,  wail  1,  mourn  1

Elect: eklektos. Litterally, those picked out/chosen. No mystery in that word.


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