On The Watchdogs


Lately I have been noticing the doctrinal watchdogs are out. That is not a bad thing by any means. Acts 17:11 makes it clear we are all to be. Yet, I think this point needs to be pondered. Every preacher is human. All humans are fallible. Therefore, all preachers are fallible. They WILL make mistakes. Now, I do believe a preacher could stand up and week after week make no mistake. But to do so they would have to stand up and just read Scripture for an hour (or however long your service of choice may be.)  That being said, I ask our watchdogs (that includes you and me!) to remember grace. Is what Piper let slip, MacArthur wrote, where Comfort went, a matter of damnable, heretical doctrine deserving of the watchdogs bite? Or simple human fallibility? Do we have a Peter saying, “Um… yeah! You should get circumcised?” (BIG time mistake!) If so, let’s go like Paul and confront boldly and without apology. But if this is a matter wherein the gospel is not compromised, the essential truths of the Christian faith neither denied nor mangled, let’s say humbly, “I don’t agree. Let’s figure this out.” (See Proverbs 27:17) Perhaps the words used were not what we would have used and it confused us. “Oh! Yeah! I see what you mean. Okay… never mind.” (Been there with a friend of mine for a while.) Perhaps the person was just plain wrong! “You know what… I was off base. Thank you for keeping me accountable.” Either way. HUMILITY in the little things. BOLDNESS in the big.

So I guess the question is… What falls into what category?


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