Prayer Request (Urgent)


I haven’t been posting lately due to my own illness. I have been diagnosed with “diverticulitis.” I was almost in the hospital (God made me VERY stubborn) and am finally feeling back in the game. Still have some tests to be done (colonoscopy!?) for seeing how bad it is. I have NONE of the risk factors for this so it is kind of unnerving. Yet, in my infirmity God allowed me to get a good topical study done. (Stay tuned for posting!) So, that out of the way (please send up a quick prayer for my health), my father’s surgery is tomorrow. He is having a kidney removed. (I think I’ve explained in previous posts so I won’t belabour the details). Surgery is scheduled for 230pm (Pacific Time, as all will be). I will be picking him up at his house at noon and going to hospital for all the pre-op fun. Recovery will be a few days in the hospital (up to three days). SO… please keep him in your prayers. He is saved, so I have no worries there. I’d just kind of like him around a bit longer. Updates will be posted as I can.  Also, I would like to give praise to God for the friends who will be coming to the hospital to support my dad and I. Lift them up in prayer too. So to recap:

1) My dad’s surgery goes smoothly.
2) Praise for good Christian family.
{Distant} 3) For my own health.

So, ’til my next update: May the LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.


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