Prayer Request


There comes a time when theolological rubber must his the rough road of life at full speed. Such a thing happened today. Doctors found a 5cm growth on my dad’s kidney. The urologist said it is a 95% chance of malignancy due to size. On July 11th he will have an x-ray and bone scan to check if it has metastisized.

My point is this. I know (cognitively) the doctrine of God’s Sovereignty. I know Romans 8:28. I know what SOLI DEO GLORIA means. Now comes applying it in real life.

Honestly, I trust that the Lord is in control, that this wasn’t an accident nor did it catch Him off gaurd. He planned it and ordained it be so. He will use it for His glory whether my father whom I love lives or dies. But I’m scared. I’m so scared.

Knowing Truth (note the capital letter) is really my only comfort as it seems most friends send forth best wishes but are unable to do what Job’s friends did (and the only RIGHT thing they did) and sit quietly with a troubled man.

I asked a friend to join me in prayer out at a favorite prayer spot and he declined. I asked again, phrasing it as asking a personal favor. Still no. Upon revealing the reason for prayer the answer was STILL no. … Ouch. If you are reading this (which I doubt) I do forgive you. Would have been nice to pray together about common situations.

So here I am, with a friend who I worry is not saved. Trying to pray, but distracted by the need to witness. The sky is so beautiful. So beautiful. God made it. God made my daddy. I hope He will let him stay with me a while longer. My prayer, though I am a grown man with a professional career, is simply and unapologetically this, “God, please don’t take my daddy home yet. I wanna ride on the back of his HD to Red Rock again. I wanna hear another funny story about he and mom when they were young. I wanna, mostly, tell him how much I love him and how greatful I am for everything he’s done.”

I covet your prayers for my father’s health.

God bless.



One Response to “Prayer Request”

  1. Lillian Says:

    I’ll be praying for you brother.

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