“Yeah, but…” Marketing


I’ll be honest. I’m a fan of the NOTW clothing line. A vast majority of it is good and even opens the door for some evangelism. (Examples: HERE, HERE, and HERE. Although some of my faves aren’t made anymore.) So you can imagine my shock and awe when I saw NOTW T-shirts in ANCHOR BLUE! Sweet! When I was at the mall (I have friends who work there and a small addiciton to HOT DOG ON A STICK) I would swing by see what they had. Sometimes it was pretty blatantly Christian, others were a little more “low-key” but still obvious in the slant of the designer.

Now imagine my suprise when just today I got the Update e-mail that said,

“… I want to share some challenging news with you. While meeting with one of our larger NOTW clothing customers, Anchor Blue (200+ stores), we got the worst of news. After 2 years of supplying them with NOTW clothing, they said, “We cannot carry NOTW in our stores any longer. Although our customers like NOTW, we feel it is too religious and therefore too risky for our company.” This news also came after Journeys (800+ stores) said our NOTW brand sold well in their test but decided not to do future buys because they didn’t want to offend people with the Scriptures on our shirts.”

WHAT!?! Wow… That’s “Yeah, but…” marketing at its finest! Obviously JOURNEYS doesn’t care if a Christain finds shirts like this in poor taste, nor do they take issue with toting a pop-culture icon who is all about somking weed. ANCHOR BLUE will no doubt move the NOTW wear over to the clearance rack and continue to sell shirts like this and this as opposed to this.

I’m really not shocked. After all, the world hates Christ. They hate the Word. (I know I did in my BC days!) It looks like they thought they could make some money from some quality Christian goods, but the hatred for God trumped the love of money.


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