Bible Study Notes (6-29-08)


Mt 19:27-30
All the jostling for positions became meaningless! The same is true with God.

Mt 20:1-16
Early = 6?
3rd hr = 9a
6th = 12p
9th = 3p
11th = 5p
Justification is justification for all who receive it. If a young man is graciously justified at 12 or a woman who repents and trusts on her death bed. Both are equally justified before God.

Mt 20:17-19
3rd time.
1st is Mt 16:21-28
2nd is Mt 17:22-23

Mt 20:20-23
Mk has James and John making the request, this give us the picture that all 3 were in on it.
Same cup or different cup?

James (see Acts 12:2)
It was not until ten years after the death of Stephen that the second martyrdom took place; for no sooner had Herod Agrippa been appointed governor of Judea, than, with a view to ingratiate himself with them, he raised a sharp persecution against the Christians, and determined to make an effectual blow, by striking at their leaders. The account given us by an eminent primitive writer, Clemens Alexandrinus, ought not to be overlooked; that, as James was led to the place of martyrdom, his accuser was brought to repent of his conduct by the apostle’s extraordinary courage and undauntedness, and fell down at his feet to request his pardon, professing himself a Christian, and resolving that James should not receive the crown of martyrdom alone. Hence they were both beheaded at the same time. Thus did the first apostolic martyr cheerfully and resolutely receive that cup, which he had told our Savior he was ready to drink. These events took place A.D. 44.


John (see Rev 1:9)
XVI. John The “beloved disciple,” was brother to James the Great. The churches of Smyrna, Pergamos, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, and Thyatira, were founded by him. From Ephesus he was ordered to be sent to Rome, where it is affirmed he was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil. He escaped by miracle, without injury. Domitian afterwards banished him to the Isle of Patmos, where he wrote the Book of Revelation. Nerva, the successor of Domitian, recalled him. He was the only apostle who escaped a violent death.

Mt 20:24-28
The fighting for greatness is not new, nor is it over. The key concept is humility. For all the praise Augustine, Calvin, Spurgeon, Ryle, MacArthur, Piper, etc receive here on this earth… I wonder… no doubt they will hear “Well done good and faithful slave. … Enter into the joy of your master.” But what about the pastor who preached faithfully week after week, or even daily! to groups of 2 topping out at 10 on Christmas and Easter? Or even what about the janitor or voulanteer staff at the churches of Piper and MacArthur. Perhaps, just perhaps those names and faces few know, will be the ones Christ makes much of in the Kingdom.

Mt 20:29-34
This is the last healing miracle we see. (Correct me if I’m wrong. PLEASE!) I think the kind of healing is important. What was it? He opened their eyes.


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