Bible Study Notes (6-23-08)


Mt 19:1-9
+OT basis found in Dt 24:1-4
+2 popular views on divorce at the time, Shammai = divorce ONLY allowed in the case of adultery. Hillel = ANY reason that the husband has to be displeased.
+”marital unfaithfulness” (NIV), “immorality” (NASB), “fornication” (KJV), “sexual immorality” (ESV), porneia (GK).
+Understand that porneia only comes about from hard heartedness, or (simply) being unregenerate/unsaved.

Mt 19:10-12
+I see 2 possible tones to this, “Well, heck! I don’t wanna be stuck with some chick who can’t boil water!” or “Wow… I don’t even want to run the risk of becoming an adulterer.” Knowing the… inconsistant… character of the disciples at this point, I am not sure where their heart lies (take those two words as you will) yet am drawn to the former more than the latter. I come to this based on human (SIN) nature being what it is as revaled in Scripture, would lean towards licentiousness rather than constraint.
+Lastly, the whole of scripture points to marriage as an ideal. But here Christ throws a twist. Paul explains this in 1 Cor 7:1-9, 32-35.
So then, marriage and the single life… is one better than the other? Why/Why not?

Mt 19:13-15
Again with children. The Pharisees were these very adult people. So were the Saducees. This adult coolness is little to do with the presence of God. This is where we find the line between the absolute holiness of the Lord and His immenance. This is where He calls us “friend.” I’m certain at one point or another you have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Remember saying, “Daddy! There’s Goofy! I want my picture with Goofy!” (or whoever you happened to like). Perhpas you have seen that same reaction in neices, nephews or just other kids there. That reaction that has you almost rolling you eyes saying, “Okay, lets get in line to see him.” Then the child gets closer and there eyes get bigger and more excited. There is little doubt in my mind this is the same thing going on here, only the disciples, acting as Disneyland CIA block the kids from coming! They are too adult to wrap their minds around the simple joy of excitement for the person of Christ! Perhaps they would have been as Michal daughter of Saul was toward King David as he was leaping and dancing as the ark made its return to Jerusalem. Despising the undignifierd behaviour. (2 Sam 6). But let us be more like David in this manner, more like little children who hunger just to get close to Jesus. It is with that heart and attitude we will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

QUESTION: What are some childlike/undignified things we do in God’s presence that the world looks down upon?

Mt 19:16-26
Here we get to the place where I’m going to focus the most of our attention. Here we see clearly how the Christ Himself practiced evangelism.
-The rich young man’s question itself is flawed. How?
-His Response to the Question… note that Jesus did not say, “Say this prayer with me…” or “Come to church…” or “Be baptized” or “Sign this card, walk this aisle, raise your hand and you are good to go.” Rather He walks him through who God is, who he is in his sin, and who does the saving. First we see Jesus correct the man’s understanding of goodness. (V 17). Who is good? GOD! And He alone is truly good! Next Jesus points this young man to what? God’s Law! You want eternal life, follow God’s Law! Obey the commandments! Then, the young man goes, “Well, which ones?” Dur. All of them. Jesus then gives him the Ten and shows him his sinful condition. Or does He? I trust all here know the 10 (in whole, if not order). Look at v18. What’s up? Which of the 10 are left out? Anything added? Jesus is aiming now, right at this man conscience. Does he hit or miss?
The young man responds, “Did it!” but… he adds, “So why don’t I have it? Where do I fall short?” Here is where Jesus fires the dart that skewers the man’s conscience. (V 21) Jesus says, “You want to be completed, reach that goal of eternal life…?” Then, the Laws that this man broke. Coveting, Idolatry, placing something above God. The man loves money! So Jesus asks the question by show of action, “Which do you love more? Your stuff or your God? If you love your God more, then get rid of it! It just tangles you up anyway! Give it to the poor! Their needs trump your wants! Then, follow me! You cannot follow me and love riches. So when you are free of that, follow me!” Anyone else hear (with the ear of your heart) Mt 6:19-24 ringing in their minds? So what happens? The young man shows, he wanted both world and God. He honestly thought he could have it and then have it all. That not being possible, he drags his heartbroken wretchedly sinful self back to his toys. I can assure you, his toys are long gone. The things he loved and held close to him have all turned to dust. Imagine, the car you love, the iPod you cherish, the high def, blue ray, 7.1 dolby surround sound home theatre you enjoy… where will it be in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years (should the Lord tarry)? All of it will be rotting away. What about your soul? In 10 or 50 years there is a good chance you will still be here. What about 100 years? That will not turn to dust. It will go on. Either in heaven or in hell. And it will stay, for eternity, where it lands. Money is a deadly snare. It puts us with means to attempt to create our own heaven on earth. It promises us comfort here and now and with no help from God. If we are lead astray by it, believe the lie, then we have as much hope for heaven as the camel does getting though the eye of that needle. Lastly, we come to a frequently misused quote… “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” This has to do with SALVATION! We cannot save oursleves. Only God, could order the universe in such a way as to allow the full consequences for repeated, willfull, wanton disobedience be imputed to another and another’s righteousness imputed to the unrighteous. All for His glory.


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