Enter At Your Own Risk



I have decided to transplant my blog from MySpace to a more… um… Christian friendly (I pray) place. This will be a place for quotes (mostly), musings (occasionally), rants (when it moves me), and extended exegetical observations on Biblical texts (as often as I can). I ask that all comments be kept in Christian love (meaning if you disagree don’t get dirty).

Theologically I am reformed (for examples of my… er… mentors(?)… think Luther, Spurgeon, Calvin, MacArthur, Piper, Washer, etc.) So if you don’t like it then play in another sand box if you can’t be civil.

Any questions, just ask. If I need more rules I’ll add them as I go. Hopefully, COMMON SENSE is all I’ll need.

Oh yes! Pleas check out the links I have over yonder. They are great places to go if you want something better to read.

God (the really real, truly true, triune one) Bless!


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